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Pleading guilty to a domestic violence case at the first court date could cause dire consequences for you and your family. This could create an issue where you cannot see your significant other or children for years, you have to give up all rights to firearms and you could be doing jail or prison time. It is very important to hire someone who is experienced in this field.

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Domestic Violence is a conviction that no one ever wants on his or her record. Unfortunately this conviction can ruin someone’s life. The law in California states that if someone has called 911 and the police respond to the disturbance, if there is any accusation of physical contact, then they must arrest someone for domestic violence. This law was designed to prevent people from being let go and then going back later and committing worse violence. However, the law also works against innocent people or people who do not deserve to be going to jail. At San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyers, we have seen it happen so many times where two people are intoxicated and start to argue about something. They are arguing so loud
that the neighbors call police. At this point, the police arrive and both parties are so angry at each other sometimes they say something that is not true. The police then arrest one of the parties and often book them into jail for felony domestic violence. The bail on felony domestic violence is $50,000. That is a tough price to pay for an argument that has gone wrong.

What are the consequences of a domestic violence conviction?

If someone pleads guilty to domestic violence there are a lot of consequences that they may face. Besides the fact of jail/prison time and probation that can be up to 4 whole years, there are other things that come into play as well. This is why it is so important to have an attorney review the case and do everything they can to get the case rejected or have the case dismissed before the process even starts.

Firearms restrictions

Every domestic violence case has firearms restrictions that come along with it. If you plead guilty to domestic violence in the County of San Diego you will have at least a 10-year firearm ban. For people that work in the military or jobs where they need to have a firearm, this often means an automatic firing and they are left without a job before they even know it.


Fines on a domestic violence case can be upwards of $1000, there are also classes that can cost up to another $1000, additional court dates past sentencing, and other logistical costs that are often spent. This is not even mentioning if there are children involved. If there are children involved and you have a domestic violence conviction this could mean tens of thousands of dollars in family court expenses over the next 10 years of your life.

Domestic Violence Classes

A conviction means that are required to complete a 52 week program of classes. The classes are once a week and they discuss relationships, anger and why people act the way they do. The classes are designed to help the individual deal with strategies to better handle their anger and help them in situations where they feel as if they have no escape. When enrolled in the classes, the court requires the defendant to come back every couple of months to show proof of the progress in these classes.

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Some important things to keep in mind if you have been arrested for domestic violence:

  • No matter what you do, do not talk to police.
  • Do not admit to anything
  • Do not talk to your significant other in front of the police
  • If you have any markings ask the police to take pictures of your markings
  • If the police ask if your children were present, do not make any statements
  • Be polite with law enforcement
  • Call a lawyer immediately after release from jail

It is important to remember these things if you are ever in this situation. We have seen so many cases where the person feels like it is their time to defend themselves with the police. The police often tell people, “if you are honest now then you will not be arrested”. Unfortunately that is never the case. The police only want to hear your side of the story because they want to use it against you in court. They want to have a reason or a justification to bring you in. Remember, if there are any allegations of physical contact, it is the law that the police are going to take you in. There is nothing you can do or say to prevent that.

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