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El Cajon is a city that is east of San Diego. The locals call it “east county” as it is the main city in the eastern part of the county of San Diego. El Cajon has a reputation for being a little bit warmer in the summer and having larger properties sometimes with farm like structures as it goes a little bit more east. With a population of just over 100,000 people, El Cajon comes in as the sixth largest city in San Diego. Ironically big businesses are not the biggest employers in El Cajon and instead it is actually the school district. The Cajon Valley Union School district actually employs almost 1500 employees and is currently the largest employer in El Cajon. There are 21 elementary schools in the city, 6 middle schools and 7 high schools. El Cajon is surrounded by mountains which was partly one of the reasons why it got the name “the Big Box”.

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If you are arrested for domestic violence in the city of El Cajon, your case will go to the El Cajon courthouse. Inside the courthouse is also a little holding jail where inmates are put before their arraignment. If an inmate is in custody during their arraignment then they will do a video court arraignment. This courthouse handles both felony and misdemeanor cases. The district attorney’s office handles all domestic violence cases within their domestic violence unit. This would be considered what is called a “vertical” district attorney, because they are not in a regular unit. They have experience handling only domestic violence cases and can have the advantage over a public attorney. That is why it is so important to hire a private attorney with experience and with your best interests in mind. Hiring the right El Cajon domestic violence attorney is important because every single decision in your case could effect the outcome and the rest of your life. Don’t be lazy when choosing, do your research and find someone who has experience dealing with these types of cases.