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Oceanside is the second largest city in San Diego County. It has a population of close to 200,000 people and generally stays just under 70 degrees throughout the year. Oceanside is in the northern part of San Diego, which is generally called North County. Oceanside is known for its pier and water activities around the pier. There are a lot of people that surf and paddle board around the pier and will often have an encounter with seals. Oceanside is located very near Camp Pendleton where a lot of San Diego’s military is stationed. The people in the military often live in Oceanside of go to Oceanside for food or other recreational activities. The number one employer in Oceanside is the Tri-City medical center and after that is the City of Oceanside. Both employers employ close to 1500 people at each business.

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Living in Oceanside, any domestic violence incident would be investigated by the Oceanside Police Department. If a case was filed, it would go to the Vista courthouse which is also known as the North County Court. Domestic violence convictions are serious, they have penalties attached to them, firearms restrictions and domestic violence classes. Any conviction means that someone must do a whole year of classes once a week no matter what the conviction is for as long as it is domestic violence related.

We don’t want to see our clients have to plead guilty to something they did not do. We strive to find ways to beat these cases and do everything we can to find a way to beat the case. If you are arrested for domestic violence first make sure you call an Oceanside Domestic Violence lawyer to help. Second, make sure you do not say anything to anyone about the case. Any text messages, emails or phone calls to your significant other can and will be used against you if the case is filed. If there is a protective order, make sure that you do not violate it as that only goes against your character when the prosecutor is looking at the case.